Locate the power-supply assembly. Important The heat sink and microprocessor might be very hot. Carefully press the socket cover straight downwards until it is secured into the socket. Remove or disconnect the following components if installed one at a time. Replacing The Microprocessor Reconnect the power supply connectors to the system board. Page 29 Chapter 2 Safety information

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Tener presente quanto segue: Power Supply RPL computer cannot access programs from its own keyboarc 1. This section provides instructions on how to replace the microprocessor. To make enough physical hard disk drives available to create a RAID volume.

Page 42 — Has this configuration ever worked? Remove the failing hard disk drive from the bracket by flexing the 41a4961 keyboard as shown. Power Cord Check the power-on switch for continuity. Replacing the fan assembly This procedure describes how to remove and replace the fan. Enter text from picture: If your computer has a voltage-selection switch, ensure that you set the switch to match the 41a4961 keyboard kfyboard at your electrical outlet.

Insert the CD into the optical drive or the first diagnostic diskette into the diskette drive. Install the new adapter into the appropriate connector on the system and close the adapter latch.

Re-start the test to reset the log file 1. General Checkout Page 42 Page 43 – Chapter 5. It will be necessary to reconnect 41a4961 keyboard properly when installing a new card. Do not touch the 41a4961 keyboard contacts on the bottom. If the cover is secured with thumbscrews, install them.

Remove the computer cover. Do not use this type of mat to protect yourself from electrical shock. Lenovo plans to transition to RoHS compliance well before the implementation date and expects its suppliers to be ready to support Lenovo’s requirements and schedule in the EU.

41a4961 keyboard the following index, X can represent any number. Use only the screws 41a4961 keyboard by Lenovo.


Replacing The Fan Assembly Replacing the fan assembly This procedure describes how to remove and replace the fan. POST does the following keyboar. Insert the 41a491 into the optical drive. Audio card, if installed 4. Press the optical-drive lock and slide the optical drive up out the drive bay assembly. Your computer has a special type of 41a4961 keyboard that maintains the date, time, and settings for built-in features, such as 41a4961 keyboard assignments configuration.

On the new system board, release the lever securing the microprocessor retainer and then pivot the retainer until it is fully open. Per evitare il rischio di scosse elettriche: Before servicing a Lenovo product, be sure to read the Safety 41a4961 keyboard. Take note of the location of all cable connections on the adapter card.

Replacing the primary hard disk drive Important When a new hard disk drive is installed, a set of Product Recovery discs might be required. Check inside the unit for any obvious unsafe conditions, 41a4961 keyboard as metal filings, contamination, water or other liquids, or signs of fire or smoke damage. Press the drive latch and slide the drive out the front of the computer. This illustration 41a4961 keyboard the location 41a4961 keyboard connectors on the rear of your computer.

This section provides instructions on how to replace an optical drive. Remove the new adapter from its static-protective package. Replacing The Rear Fan Assembly 5.

Lenovo M57e – ThinkCentre – 9481 Hardware Maintenance Manual

Install the new retention module if required 41a4961 keyboard the new system board. Remove the hard drive cage from the chassis by simply sliding it outward. Page 17 Chapter 2 Safety information Check power supply and signal cable connections to 41a4961 keyboard adapter 2. Voltage-selection switch Some computers keyboardd equipped with a voltage-selection switch located near the power-cord connection point on the computer.

41a4961 keyboard an optical drive This procedure describes how to remove and replace an optical drive.


Remove the failing 41a4961 keyboard disk drive from the blue plastic 41a4961 keyboard from by flexing the sides of the bracket enough to free it from the hard disk drive. Safety Information, General Safety, Electrical Safety Observe the following rules when working on electrical equipment.

At the rear of the computer, pivot the adapter latch to the closed position to secure the adapter.

Make sure the 41q4961 is securely locked into position. Slide keuboard diskette drive up and 41a4961 keyboard of the drive bay assembly. To 41a4961 keyboard the new hard disk drive into the bracket, flex the bracket, and then align pinpinpinand pin on the bracket with the holes in the hard disk drive.

You will need the log files when you speak to a Lenovo technical support representative. Insert the system program update flash diskette and turn on the computer. Remove the hard disk drive cage from the chassis by simply 41a4961 keyboard it outward. Press F3 to review the log file 2.

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