Select the transparency size, and decide whether to copy on the interleaf sheet, or leave the interleaf sheet blank, and press [Next]. Adjusting Exposure and Image Quality Copy Exposure The exposure and image quality can be adjusted when the original is scanned. Page Press [Binding Erase] and designate the area of the binding holes on the original. Dividing an Original Into Equal Sections and Enlarging Each Section on a Separate Copy Sheet Image Separation This mode automatically divides an original into equal sections, and copies each section in an enlarged form on a separate sheet. Recalling A Copy Mode This function is useful when you want to divide your copy sets into different sections with a blank sheet.

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The diagonal directional arrow is displayed.

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To enlarge, select a preset enlargement ratio. Place your originals, and press [Special Features] [ ] in this order. Select the type of two-sided layout, and canin [OK]. If canon ir3320i enter a value outside the setting range, a cnaon prompting you to enter the appropriate value appears on the screen.

Select a memory key canon ir3320i stores the copy settings you want to use, confirm the stored settings, and press [OK] [Done] in this order. The display returns to the Canon ir3320i Features screen, and the selected paper size and type are displayed.

The shift direction refers not to the direction in which the original is placed on the platen glass or in the feeder, but to the direction that you want the original image shifted, if the original image is viewed as face up and situated in the centre of the copy page. Select either [1 Before], [2 Before], or [3 Before]. Deleting A Remote Device Press [Entire Image], and press [Done]. Place your originals, and press [Special Features] [Page Numbering] canon ir3320i this order.

Page 50 Place your originals, and press [Paper Ie3320i. They canon ir3320i also be printed with the same images as the transparencies canon ir3320i left blank. Select the size of the interleaf sheets, cwnon press [OK] [Done] in this order. Does not assign the remaining copy job to the normally-operating printer if an error occurs in either this machine or the remote copy printer.

Depending on the system configuration and product purchased, some manuals may not be canon ir3320i. Page Text mode Reserved Copying You can select copy settings and scan originals even if the machine is currently printing.

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Page 53 Page 54 – automatically setting the copy ratio bas Page Select either [1 Before], [2 Before], or [3 Before]. The specified mode is set, and the display returns to the Basic Features screen. Select the paper type, and press [OK].

Op al onze producten, dus ook Canon toners, profiteert u canon ir3320i de laagste prijsgarantie. Canon ir3320i 82 When you select [Staple] with the Finisher-J1 attached: Press [No], if you do not want to store the displayed settings as the Standard Settings, and you return to the screen in step 2.

Service Agreement (SBD) – Canon Thailand – Business

Heeft u een inktjet printer? When you select [1 2-Sided] p. Canon ir3320i you power the canon ir3320i copy printer back on or reattach the Finisher, you need to refresh the information of the remote copy printer by pressing [Get Information].

Making Copies with Sheets of Paper Canon ir3320i Between Transparencies Transparency Interleaving Use this mode when copying onto transparencies fed from the stack bypass. Page Select the desired Image Combination cano, and press [Next]. Setting Auto Orientation Setting Auto Orientation Using parametres, such as original size and zoom ratio, this function automatically canon ir3320i the image to the most suitable position for the specified paper size.

Press [ canpn on the right or left side to enter the value, and press [OK] [Done] in this order. Press [ ] or canon ir3320i ] to move the indicator to the left to make the exposure lighter, or to the right to canon ir3320i the exposure darker. Page 79 When you select [Rotate]: Press [ ] or [ ] to display other copy modes that do not fit in the display area.

Canon IR2220I Manuals

You must include your own machine as ir3230i of the output devices. Select whether to count inserted pages, and press [Done].

Making Sharp Contrast Canon ir3320i Sharpness This canon ir3320i enables you to make copies of original images with a sharper contrast or a softer contrast. When you want to stop a copy job: Selecting the Copy Paper Size Paper Select You can set the machine to automatically select the paper size, or you can manually specify a paper size for a copy job.

Press [Auto], and press canon ir3320i. Page 67 Place your originals, and press [Copy Ratio].

Press [Option] to select the order of the layout, and press [Done]. Select the Remote Copy Printer that you want to delete, and canon ir3320i [Erase].

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