Pentium II Xeon processor, the first Xeon. Intel SKP server motherboard. Supports the Xeon E processor Jaketown. Intel SL [36] [37] four-socket motherboards, aimed at rack servers. Reference unknown; see Moorestown disambiguation for possibilities. Intel’s “next-generation communications platform,” a scheme for network processing.

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Intel BBFX two-socket server motherboard. Intel SC series of 6U pedestal or rackmount server chassis.

Microserver platform built around the Centerton Atom processor. Paxvillea town in Clarendon County, South Carolina. Intel DQ67SW desktop motherboard. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Version du pilote 5. Reference unknown; see Danbury disambiguation for possibilities. Specification for enterprise-ready two-socket motherboards based on the Xeon E Jaketown processor and the C Patsburg chipset.

Essentially a Deschutes Pentium II with no cache. Intel SKP server motherboard. Intel WCR2 two-socket workstation motherboard. Intel DQCO desktop motherboard. Successor to the Broadwater series. Intel DXBK intel desktop board d925xcv motherboard.

Intel V Ethernet controller. Tulsathe second-largest city in the U.

Supported Processors for Intel® Desktop Boards

Based on the I controller chip Powerville. Thus “Sandy Bridge” is born. Intel DG33BU desktop motherboard. The CE processor, intended for consumer electronics.

Reference unknown; see Allendale disambiguation for possibilities. Intel ACNX four-socket server motherboard. Canceled in favor of Arrandale.

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However, there was never a Montecito with more than two cores, so Chivano was not needed. Half-width two-socket server motherboard designed in cooperation with Xesktop as part of the Open Compute Project. NianticA goldrush-era ship shipwrecked under the intel desktop board d925xcv of San Francisco.

Mount Prospect is a village in Cook County, Illinois. Please do not enter contact information. Intel L Ethernet controller. Reference unknown; see Tejas disambiguation for possibilities.

Supported Processors for Intel® Desktop Boards

CoupevilleWashington, USA. SocketE chipset Whitney. Reference unknown; see Dixon disambiguation for possibilities. Diamondville is a town in Lincoln County, Wyoming.

Intel AH series server motherboards. Find support for related products. Tablet computing platform based on the Cloverview Atom processor. Reference unknown; see Bloomfield disambiguation for possibilities.

Planned as part of the Santa Rosa platform, but later dropped.

List of Intel codenames

Intel DG41KR desktop motherboard. Version du pilote 1. Marathon, Greecefor which the long-distance race is named. Nom de l’entreprise Logitech, Inc. Intel desktop board d925xcv with Pentium 4 processors. Intel Deektop two-socket server board. Based on the EB Oplin controller chip.

Intel SCB2 two-socket server motherboard. Gamlaan ancient city in the Golan Heights. Praguecapital of the Czech Republic. Celeron M aimed at low-cost and embedded applications.

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