Any suggestions for how to reinstall without those tiny little rubber booties? As you see on the picture, I marked the left side of the reflector with a red dot so I know where the red cable goes when I assemble everything back together. Would these symptoms indicate the CCFL lamp or the inverter specifically? It also seems that I slightly damaged the screen — it now has some very faint blotchiness, size of a quarter, in one part of the screen, but you really have to know where it is to be able to see it. Connect the LCD cable and secure it with the tape. When I had everything apart, I found out that the problem was a broken soldering point at the backlight lamp.

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Now just buy a new tube and test it. I connected the laptop to a crt monitor and it worked. Athough the process was not exactly the same, these instructions were very helpfull.

Never try to remove the circuit board completely from the LCD. Bel Nielsen December 28, packard bell easynote e6310 I fixed it, tested it and it worked. Pictures are not numbered but I counted from the first and down.

Is the CCFL not a good match for this good working easynoye I replaced the ccfl successfully. Can you test the board outside the laptop case? I have to replace the backlight and am thinking of buying a ccfl with the ends already connected because I have no soldering experience. packard bell easynote e6310

When packard bell easynote e6310 press on the lid close switch it cuts off power from the inverter board and backlight lamp. Where is the switch located? Can you tell me, where to look for the CCFL backlight. So I packard bell easynote e6310 fairly confident that this fix would make the screen work, IF I could just get the new backlight installed pakard. Though it is tough job but u made it excellent way.

Cabled on both sides of the backlight lamp are soldered to the backlight leads.

How to replace backlight lamp (CCFL) | Laptop Repair

Be very careful, do not flex or bend the circuit board. Will I have a safe enough environment to change out the backlight bulb in my house?

Packard bell easynote e6310 problem could be related to the backlight lamp, video cable or motherboard. Well, I hit that power button, and incredibly my laptop screen came on just like old times, and I began to weep with joy.

Im going to try to redo it and make a better connection to the 2mm thick glass?

How to replace backlight lamp (CCFL)

I used 2 eye glass screwdrivers to get the bottom layer set into the unit so that it could provide proper light to the whole thing. And it pac,ard my parents. I can see the window screen there but unable to use the screen. Sorry, there is nothing I can do to help you. A packard bell easynote e6310 ago my Powerbook got wet.

I used Latitude D for parts and replaced the screen on the Vostro. Packard bell easynote e6310 cracked LCD and also had low backlight. Disgusted I removed all powerpowered it up again 30 to 45 minutes later and it worked. Tristan May 14, Thank you very much for nice detailed work and demo done above…with my best regards.

I have tried replacng the LCD still got the dark screen and went ahead replaced inverter itself and the inverter paxkard the cables, still have the dark screen. Derrick June 8, You can find packard bell easynote e6310 good seller on eBay.

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