Pen Drives, USB drives and even many digital cameras. You should note, that these drivers are generic, and they may not work with some devices. Credits These drivers have been written by Maximus Decim. Pre 11 years ago. Many thanks to him for the drivers and permission to distribute them.

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Oleg 11 years ago. Hi thanks for the wonderful help.

Many thanks to him for the drivers and permission to distribute them. However, strangely it never asked for the Windows CD.

Predictably, Kingston offers no support for their devices in Windows 98 so no driver can be installed to pick up the flash drive. Steve’s Usb mass storage win98 Gallery Sforza Racing.

Alex 4 years ago. Nobody 5 years ago.

Windows 98 USB Mass Storage Device Drivers

Sorry, I got that URL wrong, it should be: Hi canard, I’m pleased it worked for you and I’m only too happy to share this. This will make it easier for seeker usb mass storage win98 the knowledge to locate in the archive via the forum search.

It does though work well for the purpose it was intended for, it did for me and has storagge many other people. Your solution worked instantly- thanks a billion.

Generic Windows 98 USB Mass Storage Driver

You should note, that these drivers are generic, and they may not work with some devices. Therefore, there is no guarantee that they usb mass storage win98 work with your device. These drivers include stoeage USB 2. Some manufacturers do however, provide the Windows 98 drivers on CD, others have them available to download, and others simply do not have them available at all. To install the drivers Version 3.

Windows 98SE USB Mass Storage Device Drivers

Bob Radil 2 years ago. If you do experience any problems, you can always try asking in our forum. The people who give their knowledge freely are to be commended.

You must install the stoarge version of the drivers dependent upon your version of Windows Once installed USB mass storage devices should work within Windows Thanks, that’s very handy.

Will Mattison 4 years ago. Windows 98SE is actually not too bad at handling mass storage drivers for usb mass storage win98 USB storage device IF you have a driver disc that accompanied it or a download is available.

Installing on the wrong version of Windows may cause problems with your operating system. Unfortunately, they often do not come with drivers stlrage Usb mass storage win98 Me,XP and Vista all come with generic drivers already installed. I tried several usb mass storage win98 with different versions of drivers, but this one did the job properly. Helio 3 years ago. Please also note that these drivers are not warranted in any way, and no support is offered for them; you use at your own risk.

Windows 98 USB Mass Storage Device Drivers

Download The drivers can be downloaded from the following link: I thought it would be good if people who have tried this driver can post what masw they tried it with and whether or not it works. It tries to boot up ok but runs into a stop that displays tht it has found the USB port and needs a driver for it.

It usb mass storage win98 also only intended storqge the English version of Windows 98, although there are some other language versions below.

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