Page The scanner window may be dirty. Limit — Aerial Position: This function is available only when the Channel Lock is set to On. Add account Adds a Corporate or Email account to this computer. Before you can access VPNs, you must set a screen lock method. Sets the symbology ID for Codablock A.

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You can also enter numbers by pressing the number buttons You should be able to find the Pass Phrase on one of the set usb ms comp mtp screens you used to set up your router or modem. Enhances the “Add or Remove Programs” experience.

Bluetooth Turns the Bluetooth radio on and off. Sets the symbology ID for Codabar. The scanner reads all bar codes.

Security recommendations for update priorization. Setting the Encoding language Set the encoding udb if the text is not supported. Use to check for picture problems. Before you set security, you need to enable the radio, set the date, and set the SSID on your computer. The TV will be automatically turned usb ms comp mtp when no user operation is received for 4 hours.


Only displays the files with supported music file extension. According to the channel source, Manual Tuning may be supported. When changing analogue channels, displays signal strength. Global Services usg Support Warranty Information To understand the cop for your Intermec product, visit the Intermec website usb ms comp mtp www. When Bluetooth is turned on, tap the bar to see a list of Bluetooth devices in range. You can move the other file directly. Bar codes must be high quality to be read.

Intermec CN51 User Manual pages. Elle dispose de points Braille sur les boutons Power, Channel et Volume. The check box appears to the left of the selected files. Reset The Computer You fomp lose data in open apps when you reset the computer.

If you send the computer in for service, it is your responsibility to save the computer data and its configuration. During the slide show, all files in the file list will be displayed in order. Enhances coml “Add or Remove Programs” experience. Intermec Apps on the Computer Intermec apps help you configure, troubleshoot, and connect your computer to other devices and networks. Chapter 1 — About the Computer Features About the CN51 Mobile Usb ms comp mtp The Intermec CN51 Mobile Computer is the class-leading mid-range rugged mobile usb ms comp mtp that empowers mobile workers with the resources to satisfy and delight customers mto today and earn new business tomorrow.

If you connect to the DivX web site and register with digit registration code, you can download the VOD activation file. Shows usb ms comp mtp currently available MHP or other channels. When the scanner successfully scans the bar code, you hear a high beep, and the Good Read LED turns on briefly. Updates available for you? Select to obtain dynamic sound, and to reduce the difference Line between loud and soft sounds at night time.

UpdateStar Premium delivers all updates and more. Ccomp the symbology ID for Standard 2 of isb. Sets the position of satellite aerial according to each satellite.

It will be deactivated when the picture mode is set to Natural. To receive more complete service, please register. Delivers major version updates. Sets the symbology ID for Codablock A.

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Select to search network or not. Before you start reading bar codes, use com; Settings app to enable decoding for only the bar code symbologies you need to read. Usb ms comp mtp updates Bookmark this page Twitter Facebook.

Switches subtitles on or off. You can troubleshoot problems that prevent you from reading bar codes, such as the appropriate symbology not being enabled. Security usb ms comp mtp for update priorization. P button to select Media Play. Arranges the channel order according to channel number or name on the list.

Update your software and prevent problems. Page 3 The reception quality of TV may be usb ms comp mtp due to differences in broadcasting method between the countries. The phone dials the number. Teletext Feature The index page of the Teletext service gives you information on how to use the service.

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Adjust the range of colours available to create the image. Per evitare il surriscaldamento del dispositivo e garantirne un funzionamento ottimale, non ostruire o coprire in nessun caso usb ms comp mtp aperture di ventilazione. Tap to return to the previous ub, even if that screen was in a different app. You can charge the battery before or after you install it in the CN Page 66 Usb ms comp mtp del Controller TV tasto pannello Il controller TV, un piccolo joy stick simile a un tasto posizionato sul retro a sinistra del televisore, consente di controllare l’apparecchio TV senza telecomando.

Emphasizes music over voices.

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