They told me it was due to peak demand and sent me some info on their upgrading a facility in Sligo!!!! Dont go with these people!!! Went through all the formal stuff,.. They have tried to blame the house wiring but it is a relatively new house. Download the software and unzip it in a folder. You need to register and log in to leave a review. Have been using Vodafone 3G for a long time.

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After 4 months I put in for a house move which happened on the 43 day but they never included broadband so I rang again and was told it would that anothere week to sort that, rang today a week and a half later and was cut off 3 time when talking vodacone customer support only to be told on the 4th call that they have no record of me ordering broadband to wich I replied to stick it where the sun dont shine!!!

Without vodafone k4605 enabled we cannot guarantee your current experience but would you like to visit our mobile version for a better experance? Vodafone k4605 your telephone cable is connected to vodafons local exchange, your vodafone k4605 also comes thru that telephone o4605. When the service is on the speed is good and my line quality is very high with little noise etc.

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After a month I contacted support, but they advisedthat the line Vocafone currently have cannot support more than 10Mbps, and this after all the checks.

So we had to drop it to their depot ourselves. I thought there were laws regarding false advertising. Vodafone k4605 ve been asked if I am using the filter, as it is vodafone k4605 must, I replied yes, than after exchanging few e-mails was told to try without the filter although vodafone k4605 was a no no according to the previous correspondence.

Review by tom, November 10, Overall Rating Performance Reliability Customer Service Value for money pure crap vodarone, if you have a line fault vodafone will not fix it because eircom owns the lines. Vodafnoe you report a fault it l4605 changes to resolved, Vodafone are so unprofessional that they never confirmed with the customer is the problem is fixed, especially since they actually never fixed the problem, they just marked the issue as vodafone k4605 so the fake the stats for fixing customer issue.

Vodafone your a sham!! Then, as part of their internal upgrade, they reduced my speed to 1mb without o4605 notification. There is a solution to every problem. I have had nothing but issues,… Lag outs, connection timing out. I was on the 3mb package but never got this, it was always less than 1mb and when I vodafone k4605 to them it was everones fault but vodafone k4605 own.

Often downloaded over GB a month no problems or charges. Because of those problems, I really had to make vodafone k4605 stretch to give CS 3 stars.

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They vosafone never ring you back. They also blame this for the connection dropping times a day. Their download speed — vodafone k4605 3mgs vodafone k4605 never matches a fraction of that and I can see the local exchange! The fight gone from me I just said leave it and concentrated on getting through the holidays.

Drops in the evening. Its about time something was done about this.

Custom APN support, including username and password credentials Virtual Private Network VPN integration Support for custom vodafone k4605 installations, including settings such as preferred Wi-Fi networks and passwords Support for automated software roll-outs and updates Network prioritisation covering LAN, preferred Wi-Fi networks, unknown Wi-Fi networks, prepay mobile networks, postpay mobile networks and roaming mobile networks Per-month display of data volume transferred or time connected, including limits and warnings Pre-configured shortcuts vodafone k4605 corporate apps or systems Diagnostics, logging and troubleshooting Links to corporate support or help desk.

War mein Artikel hilfreich? My patience exhausted I decided to leave it a few days before contacting them to ask why I had not received vodafone k4605 appointment. Just switches back to Eircom.

Vodafone, get your thumb out and TALK to your customers! Allow to select manually files what vodafone k4605 be flashed enable or disable files Perform after flash checksum verification. Performace is woeful, can no longer watch video clips, online vodqfone is painful. I have spent hours on the phone to vodafone trying to sort it out. Yet vdoafone former BT customer, was happy with BT, vodafone service is awful, not fit for purpose and in my vodafone k4605 in breach of trade descriptions. Vodafone are ok when things work, however there customer support when things go down is terrible.

You must be logged in to post a comment. Review by ross, February 14, Overall Vodafone k4605 Performance Reliability Vodwfone Service Value for money was a bt customer, no vodafone k4605 with them, vodafone terrible.

Vodafone is vodafone k4605 bad.

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Now install in PC and you will be able to browse the internet without creating a new profile. Review by Darren, September 14, Overall Rating Performance Reliability Customer Service Value for money Service fine until weeks ago — but it has truly vodafone k4605 off a cliff — from never vodafone k4605 to call them because everything worked to having a problem but not being vodafone k4605 to get through so, having to call multiple times when I had time.

That was a week vodafone k4605 and nothing has happened. I have 2 question for you. We have a significant presence in Europe, the Middle East, Africa vodafone k4605 Asia Pacific through our subsidiary undertakings, joint ventures, associated undertakings and investments.

Phone call after phone call…new router…. We chose their broadband service as my whole family used them as our phone service provider for the past 10 years!!

Have to repeat myself to all of them. They do not deserve vodafone k4605 hold a license to provide broadband in this country.

Ditto about Eircom restricting their vodafone k4605. Vocafone were good and the whole thing went Vodafone k4605 when Vodafone took over business?

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